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About Urban Walkies


Established on the foundation of integrity and passion, Urban Walkies is a highly respected dog walking resource based in Auckland that aims to deliver you and your pup the most educational, immersive, and fun-loving experiences you both deserve. Cultivated by a dedicated and trained team of dog walking professionals, Urban Walkies is a brand renowned for not just influencing memorable walking adventures, but also helping dog owners truly understand their four-legged babies, increase their bonds, and master the art of positive reinforcement. Even more, doing so all while propelling community/environmental initiatives forward every step of the way.  


Founded by multi-certified dog trainer and professional dog walker Kylie Saint Claire, it didn’t take long for Urban Walkies to transform into an endorsed team supporting clients throughout Auckland. Part of that stems from the owner’s history in connecting with dogs through close personal bonds, and the other from their extended certifications in Pet CPR, Pet Safety, Situational Awareness, and Emergency Response that gives clients confidence that their dogs are in the most qualified hands. With this as their base, Urban Walkies has quickly become idolized for their ongoing adaptations to industry advancements, sustainable products, and pet adoption advocation/local shelter support – collectively rendering them a finalist in Central Auckland for the Westpack Auckland Business Awards for People’s Choice in 2020 and become nominated for that same award again in 2022. 


Where fun, adventure, and accountability collide. In the end, nothing makes the Urban Walkies team happier than delivering clients 5-star experiences that bring them and their pups closer together. From the scenic Auckland views to rich training insights, Urban Walkies ultimately demonstrates their devotions by delivering high-performing services that inevitably bridge bonding gaps between those with four legs and two. This, in conjunction with their eco-friendly focus and reputation for continuously upgrading their services as new tech innovations arise, is what can solidify your confidence that your expectations won’t just be met from first step to last, but exceeded every time.


Our staff are equipped with the right skills to look after your pet by being professionally trained in many appropriate disciplines. These include animal behaviourism, basic dog training, pet        sitting, customer service and privacy. 

 First Aid Training & Pet CPR, including choking and drowning response. This is a vital and lifesaving service that can make all the difference in an emergency.

Observational awareness. This gives us an acute understanding of our surroundings during walks, giving the ability to take evasive action to protect your pet from hazards where needed. 

Your pet's safety is of paramount importance to us, and so we continually review and update our staff training procedures to maintain the highest level of service for our clients.

Reliability - We are a professional and reliable service provider that won't let our clients or their pets down.

Quality - Our attention to detail is impeccable. We have a duty of care for all the animals we look after and go above and beyond to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while in our care. We are fully insured to give you extra peace of mind.

Guarantee - We guarantee your pet will receive a quality, professional service from diligent staff who truly care about animals and genuinely love spending time with them. We pride                 ourselves on over-delivering with our services.

Privacy - Maintaining the trust and privacy of our clients is a priority. All our staff are thoroughly screened and trained before meeting any clients. They understand and respect your privacy.

Reputation - Our five-star reviews reflect the high level of service we provide to our client's and their pets.


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We use fully compostable bags from Little Green Dog for all of our furry-friends "deposits", which are made right here in New Zealand. We are also proud supporters of Assistance Dogs NZ Trust. They train support dogs for New Zealander's to assist them in their every day life.

If you would like to know more about Urban Walkies, our services, or how we can tailor a custom package to suit your needs please contact us.