• How many dogs per pack?

Our packs are limited to 8 dogs. This is for safety, so that one pack walker does not have to keep their eyes on too many dogs. This is also as we do not use large vans and this ensures that the vans are not overloaded.


  • What time is pickup?

We do two walks a day; a morning and an afternoon walk. Our pickups take on average 1-1.5 hours
For our morning walk, we start pickup around 7am, depending on your address and who has booked on for the day, will depend on the exact time pickup occurs.
For our afternoon walk, pickup time can vary as this will depend on the time that the morning walk and drop off is finished. Pickup will generally start around 12pm


  • What time is drop off?

There is no set time for the drop off as this is dependent on traffic, walk location, how many dogs are in the pack and walk length. On average we have your dogs in our care for 4 hours.


  • How long are your walks?

Our walks last 1.5-2 hours. The walk consists of a mixture of on-lead and off-lead walking. All new dogs remain on the lead until we have had a chance to build a relationship with them.


  • What training does my dog require?

We do not require any formal training from you. We can assist in basic leash skills to ensure your dog can walk on the lead with a pack of dogs. If your dog does not have perfect recall, this is fine, we can also work on this a little. Dogs without good recall, may spend longer on a lead so that we can establish a strong relationship and a level of trust.
All that we ask is that your dog is sociable with other strange dogs and people.


  • My dog is entire and has not been desexed

We are happy to take on all dogs regardless of age and gender.
Male dogs - This will be assessed on a case by case basis, depending on age, we may do a trial run. Many older male dogs will take offence to dogs that have remained entire and we want to ensure pack harmony.
Female dogs - When your dog goes on heat, we will not be able to pick your dog up for walks, due to the risks associated.


  • My dog is aggressive to other dogs/people

If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or people, we will not be able to take your dog. We are happy to recommend trainers to you to help with this, once your dog has been to a trainer, we are more than happy to accept your dog in under a trial period.


  • What should my dog "bring" with it?

All that we ask is that your dog has a collar on with its Council ID Tag attached, it is always a good idea to have a separate name tag with your dogs name and your phone number.
We do not require you to supply your own lead or poop bags as our vans have all of this already, we even have a treat supply within the van.


  • How can I follow along with my dogs adventures?

We post to our social media (Facebook & Instagram) select photos at the end of every day. All of the photos from the day can be found on our website under the gallery.


  • Where do you go on your walks?

We go all around Auckland with our packs visiting a wide variety of public parks, beaches and walks. We try to go as many different places as possible during the week and make everyday different for your dog. We want each walk to be a fun adventure!


  • What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Credit Card, Bank Deposits and Cash. All payments will need to be paid prior to or on commencement of the service. For cash payments- please have correct payment as our walkers do not carry change.  


  • Are you walkers trained?

Our walkers are experienced and trained in animal behaviourism, pet first aid and observational awareness. They are background checked and are responsible and caring people who genuinely love spending time with animals.

  • What areas do you service?
Paws on Tour is proud to offer our premium pet services to the following locations. If you do not see your suburb listed, contact us to discuss an arrangement.


Here at Paws on Tour, we are passionate about giving the BEST care to your pets. If you have any questions or queries please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.