dog walking auckland

Walking the Paws: Essential Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Dog Walking Experience

dog walking auckland

There’s nothing quite like a good walk. Whether you’re walking your dog yourself or entrusting them to a reliable dog walking service in Auckland, a lovely walk can get your dog’s tail wagging like mad. 

However, it’s vital that you remember that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. The world is absolutely beautiful! But it can also be dangerous, especially if you don’t keep your pup safe and in control. 

Strangers, other dogs, wild animals and vehicles can all pose a threat to your dog. Even an improperly-fastened leash can be dangerous! Luckily, staying safe isn’t that difficult. You or your dog walker just need to know what to do.

How To Keep Your Furry Friend Safe And Happy As They Explore

These tips are sure to make your dog’s walks safer and more enjoyable than ever:

Tip 1: Use The Right Gear. Dog walking in Auckland requires the right gear. Make sure your dog has a proper leash or harness that’s right for their body and won’t harm them. Additionally, make sure their collar, leash or harness is fastened correctly to prevent it from coming off. 

Tip 2: Practise Verbal Commands. Your dog’s leash is there to let you keep them controlled and prevent them from running off. However, sometimes that’s not enough. Your dog might break free or pull the leash out of your hands when you least expect it. 

When this happens, it’s important that you know how to control your dog in other ways - such as with verbal commands. Well-trained dogs will come, sit and stay when commanded to, even if their leash is free. Dog walking in Auckland should be fun, but it should also be safe, and hard-to-control dogs aren’t always safe.

If your dog is untrained or a bit rowdy, you can sign them up for dog training lessons.

Tip 3: Check Your Dog’s Paws. Check your dog’s paws after a walk. Look for bits of debris, injuries or even pesky stowaways like ticks or bugs. Imagine being a dog and walking around with a hurt or messy paw, that’s seriously uncomfortable! Clean your dog’s paws and ensure they’re not injured after every walk. 

Plus, this’ll keep your home’s floors nice and clean.

Tip 4: Pay Attention To The Sidewalk During Hot Weather. It’s easy for pet owners to forget that the ground can be uncomfortable because we wear protective shoes. The sidewalk might be fine for you, but it could be seriously uncomfortable for your pooch. 

Before taking your dog for some dog walking in Auckland, pay attention to the weather. If it’s hot out, place the back of your hand flatly on the pavement for a full seven seconds. If it’s too hot for you to hold it there, then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on it. 

Tip 5: Bring Water! Staying hydrated is essential for all animals. Make sure you bring fresh water for yourself and your pup when you’re heading out for a walk. 

Additionally, bring a bowl that’s specifically designed for giving your dog water during walks. Some dogs may be uncomfortable drinking from a new bowl when they’re outside, even if they’re thirsty. So, you may want to get your dog used to their bowl at home before you take it on a walk. 

Always prepare before you go out for dog walking in Auckland.

Tip 6: Hire A Good Dog Walker. This is one of the best ways to make sure your dog is safe and happy during their walks - hire a good dog walker! Look for dog walkers who know a lot about dog behaviour and care requirements. 

Dogs are animals with individual personalities, needs and quirks. So it’s absolutely vital that you find dog walkers who understand this.

Instead, find professionals who care about each and every dog they walk. They should know about dog behaviour so that they can watch for signs of discomfort or aggression, and they should be well-prepared with water for your pup. Plus, they should have lots of experience with heaps of different dogs. They should know what to do if your dog gets a bit too excited or tries to misbehave. 

A fantastic dog walker will care for your dog as if they’re their own. They’ll give them the attention and care they need during the walk, but they also won’t compromise on safety or control. That’s why hiring a reliable dog walker for dog walking in Auckland is one of the best (and one of the easiest!) ways to keep your dog safe during their walks.

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