5 Dog Walking Tips: Keep You and Your Pet Happy and Healthy

5 Dog Walking Tips: Keep You and Your Pet Happy and Healthy

5 Dog Walking Tips: Keep You and Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Everyone knows that dog walking is a regular part of a dog owner's life. Heading out on a nice walk while the wind is nice and breezy and the sun is perfectly bright can make your dog happy, encourage them to exercise and stimulate their minds. 

A very important part of walking your dog is walking your dog smartly. You should do your best to be prepared and organised for the safety and happiness of your pooch. 

This can include bringing the right supplies, staying calm and even hiring a professional dog walker to keep your dog happy while you're busy with important things.

Why Is Walking My Dog Important?

It's essential for every dog owner in Auckland to understand why dog walking is vital. 

Walking your dog can:

  • Keep Them Healthy. Dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Staying at home without exercise can lead to canine obesity and unfortunate health conditions. 
  • Keep Them Happy. Who wants to be stuck at home 24/7? Seeing the sights and sniffing the world can make your dog very happy. 
  • Socialise Them. Your pup must get socialised properly because dogs who aren't can be unpredictable and possibly dangerous. Letting your dog see other dogs, humans and animals can socialise them naturally and safely.
  • Prevent Bad Behaviour. Dogs who are cooped up at home can become restless, anxious and stressed. They might take their built-up energy and bark excessively or destroy furniture and objects. 

5 Things Every Auckland Dog Owner Can Do To Keep Their Best Furry Friends Happy

Dog walking is undoubtedly crucial! But how do you make sure your walks go well? One wrong move and your dog could get loose or get into trouble, so proper preparation is vital. 

Think about the following five tips:

Stay Calm! Dogs are extremely intuitive creatures. Many dog owners have touching stories where their loyal dog sensed when they were sad and tried to cheer them up or sensed that they were happy and joined in on the excitement. So, if you and your pooch are out walking and you begin to panic, your dog might panic too.

A panicked pup is a distressed pup, and they might run off or cause confusion if they get too upset. Therefore, do your best to stay calm and positive for the benefit of both you and your dog.

Bring Water And Treats. Before you head out for your dog walking session, make sure you bring water and treats for your dog. Taking a break for water, especially if you're on a particularly long walk, can keep your dog hydrated and ready to go. Be sure you bring a water bowl your dog is used to.

Bringing your dog's favourite treats can keep them energised, and you can reward them for good behaviour. 

Avoid Hot And Uncomfortable Surfaces. It's very easy for dog owners to forget that they're wearing shoes and their dog isn't. Even though you're fine walking on a hot sidewalk, your dog may be very uncomfortable with their bare paws on the pavement. 

Do your best to avoid hot surfaces and surfaces that could be uncomfortable or dangerous for your dog. If the sidewalk seems like it might be hot, give it the touch test: put your bare hand on the sidewalk for seven seconds. If it's too hot for you to keep your hand there for the full seven seconds, it's too hot for your dog!

Keep Your Dog Close, Under Control And Lead Them. Dog walking is a fun activity, but it can become chaotic if you don't keep your dog under control. Always keep your dog near you, keep them under control and lead them. This is especially important if you're in places with cars, other dogs or other people.

Naturally, you can be a little more relaxed with these rules if you're in areas where your dog can run and play, such as in a dog park. 

Hire A Professional Dog Walker. As much as we'd like to spend all our time with our beloved dogs, that's simply not our reality most of the time. You have other things that need attention. What do you do when your dog needs walking but you're too busy?

Don't worry; the answer is easy - hire a professional dog walker. A professional will know all of the above-listed dog walking tips and more. They'll always do their best to ensure your dog gets the premium treatment they deserve.

What You Can Do To Ensure Your Dog Stays Happy And Healthy

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