Do You Really Need a Dog Walking Service?

Do You Really Need a Dog Walking Service?

Do You Really Need a Dog Walking Service?

You love your dog and you want to give them the best life possible, and every dog owner knows that regular walking is a staple in every dog’s life. But, you may wonder if you really need a dog walking service. Is it worth the expense? Will your dog like it? Will a dog walker really make that much of an impact on your furry friend’s life, or is this all just a waste of time?

It’s crucial for you to do your research and ask questions before you do anything that impacts your dog’s life because it’s these actions that allow you to enrich their life with excitement and happiness. You want to make the right choice every time. 

So we’re here to help you out by answering this big question: do you really need a dog walking service?

What’s The Point Of Hiring A Dog Walker?

Is there a good reason to go and hire a dog walker? In fact, there are many! Dog walking can improve your dog’s life (and your life) in many ways. The simple act of finding a trustworthy local dog walker and hiring them to care for your buddy is extremely beneficial. 


Your Dog Will Be Happier. Dogs are inherently social creatures. They want to play and interact with you and others, and if they don’t get this interaction, it could make them depressed or anxious. Every dog owner has seen their precious pooch sad at least once, and most would agree that it’s not something we’d ever like to see again! 

Regular walks can enrich your dog’s life because they’ll be able to get out and see the world. They’ll receive one-on-one attention from their dog walker, whom they will surely grow to love. Be sure to look for a reputable dog walking service with team members who understand proper dog care so that you know your dog walker is treating your dog right.

You’ll Be Happier, Too! No good dog owner wants to see their dog sad, but we don’t always have time to give them all the great love and attention we want. We have jobs and other obligations that require us. But we could still feel bad leaving our pups alone at home, even if what we’re doing cannot be rescheduled. 

So, when you’re taking care of business, you can be happy knowing that your dog is okay. They’ll be out sniffing the air and seeing the nice sights with their trusty dog walker while you’re busy. 

Your Dog Will Be Healthier. Dog walking is essential for both mental and physical reasons. Your dog needs mental stimulation, but they also need exercise. Leaving your dog at home with no activities can lead to destructive behaviours, stress, anxiety, obesity and unfortunate health conditions. 

Unless instructed by a vet or if they’re a special case, most dogs require exercise daily. We suggest looking up your dog’s recommended exercise needs based on their breed. Naturally, larger dogs, especially those bred to be working dogs, will typically require more exercise than smaller dogs. 

You should contact your vet or talk to your experienced dog walker if you’re unsure how much exercise your dog should get. 

Your Dog Will Have More Exposure To People And Other Dogs. Socialisation is extremely important for domestic dogs. You want to get your pup used to other dogs and humans at a young age to prevent poor behaviour and potential aggression as they grow up. A dog that’s not correctly socialised can be dangerous around others because they won’t know how to act around others. 

If your dog regularly sees people and dogs on their walks in New Zealand, they’re less likely to be anxious around them. Be sure that your dog walker understands how to keep your dog close to them and under control while around strangers. 

There Will Be Less Chance Of Misbehaviour And Destructive Actions. Dogs left alone at home with no mental or physical stimulation can become anxious and stressed, and they may use their pent-up energy in the wrong ways. Animals of all types can act poorly when they’re neglected. This can result in destroyed furniture, excessive barking, chewed-up possessions and more! 

Many people wrongly think that dogs who do these things are just bad dogs, but in many cases, dogs and animals who act out like this lack something they require - like healthy exercise and attention. If you raise your dog right and give them what they need, they’ll be a loyal companion to you for years.

I’m Interested! Where Can I Hire A Dog Walker In Auckland?

As you can see, dog walking can do so much! We at Paws On Tour are here to help you give your dog the best life they can live. We help Auckland dogs stay healthy and happy with our services. Our NZ team understands dog care and we always do our best to treat each and every dog with the patience, attention and love they require. 

Does your dog need walking? Call us at 020 4135 6067 or visit our website; we’d love to chat!

We at Paws On Tour can help your dog enjoy life to the fullest.

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