5 Benefits of regular dog socialisation

5 Benefits of regular dog socialisation


Dog socialisation should be a part of every dog’s regular routine, not only as a puppy, but throughout adulthood, too. Much like humans, dogs require socialisation. This improves their physical and mental well-being, allows them to become adjusted to the world around them, reduces anxiety, and more. In fact, it also makes training that little bit easier - who knows, you could be competing at the Dog Show this time next year.


So, with this in mind, this article will provide you with five benefits of regularly socialising your dog, both as a pup and during adulthood, as previously mentioned.

What is dog socialisation?

Before discussing the benefits of socialisation, we will first define the term, so that we’re all on the same page.


Dog socialisation is the process of allowing your dogs to meet other dogs, pets, humans, and to experience new environments, different parks, and beaches, etc. Regular socialisation for dogs has several benefits and should ideally be a part of a dog’s weekly routine, alongside their regular walks, of course.


You can also mix up your walks with other dogs, such as Urban Walkies adventure walks in Auckland, New Zealand. However, more on that in a little.e


Nonetheless, the benefits of regular socialisation include:

1.   Social dogs are less likely to be anxious

If your dog is not adequately socialised with other dogs, then they are more likely to become more anxious when around unfamiliar people, pets, and other dogs. This can make them scared, perhaps resulting in them acting out, whether this is running away, biting another dog or person, or shaking with fear.


This is especially important for dogs within their early years, and more so for the first few months. Socialising earlier provides them with a better, more enjoyable, and less anxious life, and that’s exactly what we want for our four-legged friends.

2.   They are less likely to run away

We’ve already briefly mentioned this; however, dogs which are social with other dogs and people are less likely to run away. This is because they are less likely to become skittish, perhaps afraid of new surroundings, people, and other animals and strange events.


Accustoming your dog to new surroundings and people is essential, providing them with the best and most enjoyable life possible. It’ll also save you the fear of maybe losing your dog one day, running off due to fear or a specific situation.

3.   An easy transition into new environments

Socialisation is not only about meeting new people and other animals - but it’s also about experiencing new places and environments. For example, this could involve a trip to a new dog park, beach, or wooded area to be let off-leash to enjoy new scents and other surroundings.


The more familiar your dog is with different environments, ultimately, the more comfortable they are going to be overall. This is the key to a happy, well behaved, and well-trained dog. This process begins in puppyhood, so be sure to get out, explore, and to show your new friend the ropes.

4.   Your dog may make a new friend or two…

Much like us humans, dogs also need regular socialisation, and ideally, a friend or two. There is no better place to make friends, at least for dogs, than the dog park or other dog-friendly places. Regular interaction with familiar dogs allows your dog to further socialise in a more relaxed environment.


Also, as a side benefit, you may meet a friend or perhaps even a love interest, too… just saying. Who knows, your dog could also be a wingman (or woman). This can do wonders for your dogs, and your own mental health, especially if you struggle to meet new people, spend a lot of time alone or working, or perhaps don’t get out too much to social events. There’s a reason why a dog is a man’s best friend, and this is certainly one of those reasons.

5.   A socialised dog is a better-behaved dog

We’ve all heard the saying: a tired dog is a well behaved dog. Well, regular socialisation helps tire your dog out, making it easier to teach them new tricks, and generally, improving their behaviour by removing any built-up energy. It is this built-up energy that often results in several problems regarding behaviour, so eliminating this early is a recipe for a well-trained canine friend.


As a side note, the more dogs and other pets your dog meets and interacts with, generally, the better behaved they will be with other dogs in which they have also not previously met. For example, ensuring recall is fully practical and knowing and trusting your dog around other pets. This creates a less anxiety for both you and your pet, knowing you fully trust your canine and can also provide them with an exciting, and non-stressful time off and on leash.

Urban walkies adventure group dog walks

As you can see from this article, dog socialisation is super important. However, we understand that not all dog owners and parents have the time to dedicate to regular socialisation, especially alongside their regular walks.


However, you needn’t worry. At Urban Walkies, we offer a wide range of different dog walking services and socialisation packages, allowing your four-legged friend the opportunity to explore new environments and to meet other dogs in the Auckland, New Zealand area.


This is key for their development, both as a puppy and even as an older dog. We also offer a wide range of other services, too, including casual dog walks, meet and greets, and regular group walk packages to provide your dog with the socialisation they need.


To get in touch, you can fill in the contact form on our website - we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. After all, we’re here to support you and your undeniably cute dog, so get in touch!


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