Dog walking auckland

Some Things To Know About Professional Dog Walking

Dog walking auckland

You love your dog and are prepared to fill all of your dog's emotional and physical needs - but you also have other things in your life that take up your time and energy. So, sometimes finding the time for dog walking in Auckland isn't easy, even though you know your little buddy would love to go out and smell the fresh air.

What do you do when your dog needs walking, but you're busy?

The solution is simple; hire a professional dog walker to take your pal out for routine exercise.

But handing your dog over to a stranger isn't always easy, even if it's only temporary. What should you know about professional dog walking before you hire someone?

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What every dog owner should know about professional dog walkers.
  • The potential benefits of hiring a dog walker.
  • Whom you can speak to about professional dog walking in Auckland.

Things That Every Dog Owner Should Know About Professional Dog Walking

Every good dog owner wants only the best for their dog. Therefore, before hiring anyone to care for your pup, you should always research to learn more about the business of dog walking.

You should know the following about dog walkers:

Dog Walking Is A Business. If you're used to walking your dog on your own, you may have trouble viewing dog walks as a business. But professional dog walking in Auckland is certainly a business.

When you entrust your dog to a professional dog walker, you're not just handing them to some random person; you're putting them into the care of someone who truly cares about the health and wellbeing of your dog. They'll do their best to do what they came to do and complete their job efficiently and professionally.

A Professional Should Be Able To Provide You With References. They're a part of a professional business, so you should feel free to ask them anything regarding dog walking in Auckland that you're curious about. Like hiring any other type of hired help, you can ask for references, potential fees, past experience or anything else that'll help you have confidence in them.

If your dog walker is suspicious or refuses to answer certain questions clearly and concisely, they might not be right for you.

Regular Exercise Is Very Important For Dogs. Dogs require exercise. The amount of activity will vary depending on your dog's breed and status, but generally, every dog deserves to be active to some capacity. If your dog doesn't get the required exercise, they could face mental and physical consequences.

Adequate exercise helps dogs stay in shape and helps them stay happy and engaged with the world. Professionals specialising in dog walking in Auckland can help your buddy fulfil their energetic needs.

The Best Dog Walkers Genuinely Care About Dogs. You should only hire a dog walker who truly cares about dogs. If your dog walker is just in it for the money, then they're not a good dog walker. Your dog walker should know that every dog is special, and they should take care to learn about every individual dog they care for to ensure that each one is comfortable and happy.

A Good Professional Always Keeps In Touch. It's normal to be nervous when you first watch your dog walk off with a dog walker. How do you know your buddy will be okay? Luckily, good professionals will keep a line of contact open. So, if they're out on their walk, you should be able to contact them to see if everything is okay.

Should You Hire A Dog Walker?

As you can see, professional dog walking in Auckland can be extremely beneficial. Every dog owner should also know that walks, in general, are very important for the following reasons:

  • They Help Your Dog Stay Healthy. Sitting around the house all day isn't good for anyone. Your dog requires regular exercise to burn energy and stay fit.
  • They Reduce Destructive Behaviours. Dogs who aren't walked can become destructive. They may release their excess energy by chewing on things, barking too much or overall being too much to handle. Regular walks can help them release their energy in a positive way.
  • They're Great For Socialisation. Socialisation is extremely important for domesticated dogs. When your dog is exposed to more humans and other dogs, such as the humans and dogs they'd meet on walks, they're more likely to be friendly and calm with strangers.

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At Paws On Tour, we genuinely care about the health and happiness of your treasured furry friend. We do our best to keep all our clients and their dogs happy with our services.

We know that you love your dog, and we want you to know that we'll do everything in our power to keep your dog happy when they're out on a walk with us. Please visit our contact page or call us at 020 4135 6067 if you're interested in working with our dedicated team.

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